AdstraGold Microbrewery, and Family Bistro, 417/419 East Coast Rd. Singapore 429004
, AdstraGold Brewpub Franchises by Adstra Systems PL
Tel: Reservation:6345 3378; 6446 7134, Mobile: Enquiry: +(65) 9380 8280, Fax: +(65) 6443 3746


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AdstraGold Red Ale was awarded 2010 Beerfest 30 S.EA. Microbrewery BRONZE Medal

Our Brewery

AdstraGold MicroBrewery, Brewpub in Singapore is unique and is the smallest intergrated & patented microbrewery in SINGAPORE & for exports to overseas! Our Bistro-Bar has chosen AdstraGold Microbrewery because it is the only brewery that can easily fit in existing bistro-bar within 100sq.ft. available precious & expensive retail space in Singapore.
We are extremely pleased with AdstraGold MicroBrewery systems that offers:
NO messy setup !
NO huge space needed!
NO brew-master needed!
SAVE brewery license fee!
Lowest brewery equipment cost!
We use only 200sq.ft. for a
6- tanks microbrewery system that brews & blends up to 12 types of fresh ales. We are now never run out of fresh beer at our premises & SELL the freshest brewed and chilled beer taps directly from microbrewery tank!
We can choose any of 10+ international craft beers (Golden Ale, Pilsner Premium, Summer Wheat, Red Ale, Nutty Brown & Dark Ale, India Pale Ale-IPA, Bock Dark, STOUT, and create unlimited blends and fruity beers.
With the available EXTRA capacity from our brewery, we are now SUPPLY & DISTRIBUTE our in-house

AdstraGold craft beer to F&B outlets who appreciate our boutique craft beer!
Furthermore, AdstraGold is offering OEM BRAND to create value added and premium ales to suppliers and distributors or even to F&B outlets with their own brands.

AdstraGold MicroBrewery offers extra value-added to our FOOD & services, increases F&B SALES! It offers choices & attracts customers & referral guests to come back again & again for freshly brewed and chilled beers, PLUS our own in-house specialities and wide varieties of finger food to pair with freshest ales & stout available here!
AdstraGold has truly created the most innovative and value-added product and services in brewpub & microbrewery
industry! We proud to stand out among F&B outlets along East Coast Road ! Now, we offer crafted designer beer to serve our VIP customers & be ahead of competitors !

Grab the opportunity to install the AdstraGold Microbrewery at strategic & exclusive locations in Singapore.
AdstraGold is Simply Amazing MicroBrewery ! The smallest microbrewery & Brewpub in Singapore!

The most economical & smallest intergrated AdstraGold MicroBrewery.
Now, you will have happy hours of freshest crafted Ales at your neighbourhood microbrewery.

AdstraGold Microbrewery for Bistro-Bar & Restaurant

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