AdstraGold Microbrewery, and Family Bistro, 417/419 East Coast Rd. Singapore 429004
, AdstraGold Brewpub Franchises by Adstra Systems PL
Tel: Reservation:6345 3378; 6446 7134, Mobile: Enquiry: +(65) 9380 8280, Fax: +(65) 6443 3746


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AdstraGold Red Ale was awarded 2010 Beerfest 30 S.EA. Microbrewery BRONZE Medal

10+ Craft Beer

Summer Wheat Alco.:4%+/-0.5%
Appeal Color: Light golden and darker as it matured
Crafted with Liberty & Oregon Crystal aroma hop. Brew with 2-row brewers malt and white wheat malt. Cloudiness when ale is young and its character changes over time. It has light sour taste, excellent thirst quencher ale for sunny day! It is the lite beer drinker's choice.
RED ALEAlco.:4%+/-0.5%

Awarded BRONZE Medal

SEA Microbrewery Award, BeerFest Asia 2010 !
Crafted with lightly roasted barley malt and aroma hops. Mellow non-bittle ale, with a slight dash of roasted aroma. Similar to English Bass Ale. Most favourite drinkable lightest dark ale! Excellence for non-dark ales drinker!
IPA - India Pale ALEAlco.:3%+/-0.5%
Crafted with specially aged malt & extra multi-hops, that gives strong flavour with full body and bitterness. It smooth as it continue to mature! Excellent for Ale Drinkers that love the taste of bitterness & hoppiness.
Master's blended ale with Nutty aroma and hoppy IPA that gives roasted aroma fragrance; mellow, smooth and with full body favour and robustness of bitter hops. Absolute choice for Dark & Bitter ale Drinkers.
Roasty STOUTAlco.:3%+/-0.5%
A rich dark beer crafted with Minnesota 2-row brewers malt,, English chocolate, black malt & roasted barley, gives pleasant coffee & nutty character & aroma fragrance. Hopped with Liberty and East Kent Goldings. Most drinkable STOUT in microbrewery catagory!

Golden Ale Alco.:3%+/-0.5%
Crafted with Liberty hops from Yakima, Washington, & East Kent Goldings aroma hop from England. Brew 2-row brewers malt is used with a small amount of roasted barley to give it a well-rounded, malty character. It is refreshing, flavourful & yet not filling lite ale. Cloudiness when ale is young, & character changes over time. Most popular choice for Lager & Lite beer drinkers.
Appeal Color: Light golden and darker as it matured
PILSNER Premium Ale Alco.:3%+/-0.5%
Specially brewed with aged malt, roasted barley & multi-hops. Hoppy, flavourful & refreshing full body premium Golden Ale, cloudy when ales is young & dark amber as it continues to mature over time. Excellent premium ale for season drinkers.

BLOCK DARK Alco.:3%+/-0.5%

Crafted with roasted barley and aroma hops. Similar to American Bock Beers of the early 1960ís that still had the robust flavor and hoppy character of those seasonal dark beers. Suitable for beginner who want to appreciate dark ale!
NUTTY BROWN Alco.:3%+/-0.5%
Crafted with roasted barley that gives smooth NUTTY character, robustness and with light hoppy aroma. Favourite choice for drinkers who enjoy FULL BODY, ROBUST & NUTTY aroma fragrance!
OAK seasonal ales Alco.:4%+/-0.5%
Seasonal OAK Blends: Just like ale stored in oak barrel for maturity & to extract oak aroma fragrance. Available in 3 different favour: Red-Oak, Nutty-Oak & Dark Oak. Rarely available BUT if you are lucky, you have a chance to enjoy!

With continuous advancement of technologies, we no longer rely on traditional hardware and methodology of brewing traditional craft beer. AdstraGold Microbrewery employs latest brewing techniques, using modern food processing technologies to give the same favour of popular crafted boutique ales & stout, without compromise, brews after brews!
You will taste the freshest brewed ales with consistency in quality, but variety

of taste, pint after pint from our integrated microbrewery!
From the day the ales is brewed, it is chilled at 1 to 3 Deg. C., and the beer never leaves the microbrewery tank until it is tapped to serve you or supply chilled to F&B outlets!
Now, you can enjoy freshly crafted AdstraGold boutique beer & Ales in AdstraGold Microbrewery & bistro-bar, restaurants, bistro & cafe.

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