AdstraGold Microbrewery, and Family Bistro, 417/419 East Coast Rd. Singapore 429004
, AdstraGold Brewpub Franchises by Adstra Systems PL
Tel: Reservation:6345 3378; 6446 7134, Mobile: Enquiry: +(65) 9380 8280, Fax: +(65) 6443 3746


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AdstraGold Red Ale was awarded 2010 Beerfest 30 S.EA. Microbrewery BRONZE Medal

Who Should Be Interested:

F&B Owners of restaurants, Bistro & Cafe

F&B Owners, Beverage Directors & Managers of Hotels & Clubs

Caterers , OEM Brands owners

Beer importers and suppliers

Private Investors from individuals and corporate, fund managers, Angel capitalists

Benefits & Advantages

Traditional microbrewery vs integrated microbrewery using malt extracts technology, which is suitable for you?

How to own an integrated microbrewery within your F&B by licensing from AdstraGold Microbrewery with no capital investment? (Offer is applicable for Singapore only).

What is the retail space needed & overhead costs such as utility?

Know more about alcohol manufacturing licensing & Customs Tax on crafted beers

How to become a brew-master & brew your 10 international crafted beers (for Ownership, Export & Overseas).

How to own a microbrewery without capital investment?

Join as licensee and SAVE annual Customs Alcohol Manufacturing License fee & Save manpower!

. Return of Investment for ownership vs licensing AdstraGold Microbrewery.

. How can private investors can benefit from monthly dividend by investing in AdstraGold Microbrewery?

RSVP for meeting & Trade Enquiry:
Office Tel: 6446 7134,
90674482 (Ms Monica) or
93808280 (Mr. Chia)
RSVP by e-mail:

Easy to Own A Microbrewery in my premises?
(As easy as ABC.... !)
Be AdstraGold Microbrewery Licenseee
(Annual Licensee fee from S$99k only...)
Customised own fresh Ales by AdstraGold Microbrewery
(Create your own branding for series of fresh craft beer!)
Joint Venture with AdstraGold Microbrewery ...
( Install AdstraGold Microbrewery in your F&B premiese...)
Now & future market for craft beer; fresh ales & stout from AdstraGold Microbrewery...
(Types of investment and amount... From only $200k onward...)
Open to private investors & fund managers & angel capitalists to invest and receive dividend in AdstraGold
(Types of investment and amount... From only $200k onward...)
Low Capital Microbrewery for overseas...
(AdstraGold Microbrewery Turnkey US$129k only with training & recipes...)
Visit F&Q 10 for more info & update or
schedule a visit to AdstraGold Microbrewery@East Coast !
417/419 East Coast Road, Singapore 429004
Map & Location...

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