AdstraGold Microbrewery, and Family Bistro, 417/419 East Coast Rd. Singapore 429004
, AdstraGold Brewpub Franchises by Adstra Systems PL
Tel: Reservation:6345 3378; 6446 7134, Mobile: Enquiry: +(65) 9380 8280, Fax: +(65) 6443 3746


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AdstraGold Red Ale was awarded 2010 Beerfest 30 S.EA. Microbrewery BRONZE Medal

AdstraGold Info

Adstra Systems is always in front end of technologies, seeking best fit technologies to offer businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors in various industries. Our mission is to create innovative products and services, with added extra value-added (Adstra), in niche market with high return of investment for investors that in term, offers benefits with extra value added to consumers to appreciate. We always strife to be ahead of competitors and be different amount others.

AdstraGold MicroBrewery BREWPUB System is integrated by Adstra Systems Pte Ltd, (established in Singapore since 2000) offer a smallest integrated micro-brewery BREWPUB system for the aims of achieving retail space saving, lowest capital investment, ease of start up, and with no brewery experience required, low operation overhead and yet without compromise at consumer’s level for highly demanded traditional crafted fresh boutique beers.

In line with ENERGY saving, go green, AdstraGold Microbrewery BREWPUB System consumes the minimum energy to brew our crafted beers, verses any traditional brewery systems.

With today’s continuous advancement of technologies, we no longer rely on traditional hardware of brewing thousand years old traditional crafted beer. With globalisation, we seek the best fit hardware technologies for our brewery systems. Furthermore, we employ highest standard of today’s food processing technologies to produce consistent high quality and finest ingredients for our micro-brewery in order to brew our highly demanded traditional crafted designer beers without compromise!

Now, AdstraGold MicroBrewery BREWPUB with the latest integrated hardware and with consistency in high quality ingredients produce at factory level, produces the FRESHEST brewed and chilled boutique beer amount traditional micro-brewery !

AdstraGold established its 1st neighhourhood licensed AdstraGold Microbrewery at 417/419 East Coast Road and more will be coming to your neighbourhoods.

NOTE: Singapore SME can apply for SME SPRING for subsidy up to 50% hardware & up to 80% consultancy services! Call 93808280 for advise.

Trade Enquiry of Own a AdstraGold MicroBrewery BREWPUB 5
Email to for licensing AdstraGold Microbrewery or Supply & Distribution
31 of AdstraGold Craft Beer for your F&B outlets & restaurants in Singapore or overseas export!

Left photo: 3 AdstraGold Microbrewery tanks that needs only 120 sq.ft. Area space! Can fix into most restaurants and bistro-bar cafes!
Lowest cost investment guaranteed, as low as $99K only!