AdstraGold Microbrewery, and Family Bistro, 417/419 East Coast Rd. Singapore 429004
, AdstraGold Brewpub Franchises by Adstra Systems PL
Tel: Reservation:6345 3378; 6446 7134, Mobile: Enquiry: +(65) 9380 8280, Fax: +(65) 6443 3746


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AdstraGold Red Ale was awarded 2010 Beerfest 30 S.EA. Microbrewery BRONZE Medal

Questions related to AdstraGold Microbrewery Systems:

5) How long is the brewing process, from start to ready-to-drink beer?
It takes 5 days for fermentation and 2 days to chill and carbonate. You can have the beer ready on day 7!
( Normal traditional microbrewery takes up to a month period )

6) Where does the ingredient comes from?
All ingredients are sourced world wide and are processed in same factory for consistency in high quality extracts that offer same taste of beer from brew after brew!

7) Where is AdstraGold Microbrewery systems comes from?
The system is integrated and imported worldwide from best manufacturers of respective parts and systems. This is international system that brews international beer with our unique cross-border integration!

8) What is the size of AdstraGold Microbrewery Tank and capacity of beer?
Each tank is 155 Gallon or 560 litre of beer. You can brew up to 3 times a month if consumption for each tank is within 2 days! Therefore, with 4 tanks, you can brew up to 6,720 litre or 13,440 pint ( 500ml/pint). You can have up to as many tanks as you wish. 1 tank brew 1 type of beer. You can brew up to 8 different types of beer!

9) How many tanks is recommended for initial setup?
We recommend minimum 3 tanks microbrewery system for up to 3 basic beer ( such as Pilsner,

Light Wheat & Stout/Bock-Dark), and optimum setup is 4 tanks. You can brew extra tank for higher demand beer such as Pilsner & Light Wheat so that you will never run out of beer!

10) What is the shelve life of the brewed beer?
As the beer is never transferred out of microbrewery tank and so long the chiller is turned on, it is never exposed to sunlight, it lasts as long as you want. In fact, more matured beer taste better but usually, beer is sold within 1 month! So, you may not have a chance to taste 2-3 months old beer!

11) What other capital cost to setup for AdstraGold Microbrewery?
The price stated is a complete turnkey system and there is no hidden cost. You only need to do renovation the bar counter area and piped sterilised hot and cold/room-temp water for brewing of beer. Thatís additional equipment is 20gallon (60Litre) water heat ( up to 75Deg C) and UV Steriliser and water filter.

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